Exclusif beat


Choosing an exclusive beat is an excellent choice to stand out. It is a strategic choice, because it brings authenticity to your project, and contributes to your reputation. You exclude any possibility for another artist to use the beat, which is therefore exclusively reserved for you, in addition to having been produced according to your expectations.



The creative process involves constant collaboration. You are directly involved in this process, since the final objective is to achieve a result that is close to what you had initially imagined. It is therefore necessary to envisage a continuous exchange between you and the beatmaker, until the beat is completed.



Your satisfaction is a prerequisite for the completion of your exclusive beat order. If the collaboration is not successful in this sense, you will not be charged the agreed amount for the realisation of the beat. Only a previously agreed amount for the time spent on the collaboration will be charged in this case.



Icon validation commande

Validation of
the request

Once your request has been submitted, it still needs to be validated by Luan Beats. This validation is based on subjective criteria, such as your current musical level, the quality of your previous projects, the reliability of your current project, the availability of the beatmaker, etc.


Icon prise de contact

Getting in touch

When your order is validated by Luan Beats, an initial contact is made to define your request and expectations more concretely (always by videoconference). A working method will be established at this time. A contract is then signed by both parties.



Icon composition

of the beat

Once the request has been further defined, the production stage begins. The beatmaker will regularly send you mock-ups to take into account any desired changes or suggestions. Changes are made until the desired result is achieved.


Icon validation

Final sending
and validation

The collaboration ends once the final result of the beat has been validated. You will then receive your exclusive mixed and mastered beat, in WAV format, along with the track stems. The final signature of the contract and the granting of the commercial licence will bring the process of creating your beat to an end.


Request a quote

Make your request :

  • To apply for an exclusive beat, you should fill in a form as precisely as possible. This form will be evaluated to determine whether your request will be granted. Note that on average only one order out of 5 is accepted. The criteria are subjective and are based on: your current level, the reliability of the project presented, the quality of your previous projects, your degree of visibility (non-exhaustive list).
  • If your request is accepted, a first estimate taking into account the specificities of your request will be sent to you. It is not binding on either party, and may be subject to adjustment and possible negotiation. Note that the average price of an exclusive customised beat is €2,000. When an agreement is reached, a contract is signed by both parties. The collaboration starts after the contract is signed.

The quote includes :

  • 1 exclusive beat
  • Realization based on your criteria
  • Unlimited retouching until you get the desired result
  • Several hours in contact with the Beatmaker
  • At least 30 hours of work on the beat
  • Commercial license included
  • Mixing and mastering of your beat
  • MP3, WAV, and track stems
  • Over 12 years of experience at your service

Order a beat

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