PACK BEATS 2011 - 2013

Warning: This package is available in limited manner over time, it will be removed from the site soon.


This pack contains all the beats produced by Luan Beats between 2011 and 2015 in WAV format. In total, 50 beats is that you will find in this single package. Among them, count several exclusive beats!

A mixture of composition and sample, that's what these are made up 50 beats. Melodies full of emotions, sadness and others in styles more "aggressive" to ultimately obtain a diverse and varied beats list. Dive into the underground hip hop atmosphere 90s based piano, violins ... or simply let yourself go to a beat more "modern" synth based, etc.

You understood, this pack is composed of more than 3 GB of beats that will make you happy without fail. Use them freely to your albums, freestyle mixtape ... They are at your disposal!

Further information :

  •     There is a folder with the beats to MP3 (320 Kbps) to 430 Mb, and a folder with the beats to WAV, 3 GB.
  •     The beats do not contain a "tag": there is no voice citing "Luan Beats".
  •     The pack includes 50 beats, including many that are exclusive (not found elsewhere).
  •     In total, the file is 3.5 GB.